Carnival Restaurant

Welcome to the Carnival. Allow your taste buds to enjoy a carnival of the finest selection of world cuisine in our Carnival Restaurant, which has a unique interior design to reflect the carnival atmosphere with the added pleasure of high quality comfort and a stunning harbour and sea view. Our friendly professional staff offer you a variety of cuisines. Choose from: Mexican wraps and quesadillas to spice up your life, Californian style burgers to fill you with flavour, Italian style, homemade pastas to bring out the romantic in you, Norwegian style gravlax for fresh inspiration, the Spanish classic paella for a carnival of colour and flavour, French style beef stroganoff for a rich creamy delight, Latin American T-bone, with dry aged beef for a meaty feast, and, not forgetting, a mouth watering selection of Ottoman cuisine. These are just some of our dishes to tempt your taste buds. Did we mention our melt in the mouth soufflé and spicy samosas? Are you getting hungry yet?